QoC Health Was Created to Improve Patient Outcomes, Increase Patient Satisfaction, and Reduce Cost of Care Through Technology

Our team is comprised of experts in healthcare, business, and technology. That is what makes us uniquely qualified to build, test, and commercialize your digital health ideas.

Highlighted Project

A post-surgical monitoring application tested at Women’s College Hospital showed strong clinical outcomes and cost savings.

Women’s College Hospital was focused on reducing the total length of stay in their hospital while at the same time minimizing readmissions, increasing patient engagement in their own care, and increasing levels of satisfaction. The expedited discharge and at-home patient recovery left them with an absence of outcome data. This had become a barrier to quality improvement.

As such, Women’s College Hospital conducted a research study using a post-surgical monitoring application developed by QoC Health and achieved the following outcomes:


Emerging Complications Detected


Cost Savings


Patient Satisfaction


Reduction in Average Patient Travel

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Our Team

Our solutions are making a difference in the lives of patients everywhere, but it’s our people that are revolutionizing healthcare.

Image of Chancellor Crawford

Chancellor Crawford

CEO, Co-Founder

A life-long entrepreneur with the unique ability to combine a strong vision for the unlimited potential of technology with a creative imagination. Previous roles include co-founding Canada’s leading marketing and communications service.

Image of John Semple, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCSC

John Semple, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCSC

Healthcare Innovation, Co-Founder

As former Surgeon in Chief at Women’s College Hospital, Dr. Semple has a special interest in converging mobile technologies that improve the quality of care and efficiencies in the ambulatory surgical setting.

Image of Sarah Sharpe, BSc, MSc

Sarah Sharpe, BSc, MSc

Healthcare Strategy, Co-Founder

With a background in research and quality improvement, Sarah Sharpe has over ten years of experience in developing and implementing improvements in healthcare. She has extensive leadership experience in healthcare measurement, balanced scorecards, and patient satisfaction.

Image of Raymond Shih, BComm, MBA, CPA

Raymond Shih, BComm, MBA, CPA

President, Co-Founder

Before joining QoC Health, Raymond Shih was Program Manager at Grand Challenges Canada for the Financial Innovations program, which focused on impact investing. He also has professional experience in management consulting, financial modelling/analysis, and operations management.

Image of Randy Ostojic, BEng

Randy Ostojic, BEng

Business Strategy, Co-Founder

Randy brings over 25 years of experience in general management, sales, and sales management. He gained this experience in a number of executive positions with HP Canada culminating in his appointment as Vice President of Sales for the Technology Solutions Group.

Image of Hongli Li, BCompSc

Hongli Li, BCompSc

Senior Java/Android Engineer

Hongli has more than 10 years of experience in web development, mobile frameworks, search technology, content re-use, and video licensing. He is passionate about open source projects and technology innovations.

Image of Anu Jhajj, BSc, MSc

Anu Jhajj, BSc, MSc

Business Development Lead

With past roles in research, management consulting, and the Ontario Ministry of Health, Anu brings 10 years of strategic perspective to her work. She is passionate about innovation and the unlimited possibilities of a healthcare system enabled by technology.

Image of Yuming Cui, BCompSc

Yuming Cui, BCompSc

Android Developer

Yuming is a Android Developer at QoC Health. Before joining the company, he worked as a lead android developer and developed applications used by thousands of users. He also has experience in embedded systems which are used for medical and industrial devices.

Image of Nate Gerber, BFA

Nate Gerber, BFA

Project Delivery Manager

Nate brings over six years of experience in digital transformation and boutique management consulting. He is a seasoned facilitator with a personable style and a disciplined approach to design strategy and project management.

Image of Alexandra Panicucci, BSc

Alexandra Panicucci, BSc

Project Coordinator

Alex has a diverse academic background in basic and clinical research, and has a strong interest in patient-centered approaches, healthcare development, and mental health. Alex is also a graduate student at the University of Toronto, where she is studying translational research within the field of health science.

Image of Joel Desamero, BTech

Joel Desamero, BTech

Senior Web Developer

Joel is a web developer, co-author of a web-programming book, and a meticulous problem solver with over two decades of experience. Before working at QoC Health, he was the co-founder of a digital agency that developed websites for clients such as Sick Kids International and Mercedes-Benz. He gets fired up about efficiency and finding simple, elegant solutions for complex web problems.

Image of Lillian Piekut, BAA

Lillian Piekut, BAA

Digital Design and Experience Specialist

Lillian has been in the web and design business for almost 10 years, with a background in illustration, graphic/web design, and front-end development. She has direct experience in the entire project lifecycle from gathering information, planning, organizing, building wireframes, designing and coding, through to presentations, servicing clients, appointing tasks and managing teams.

Image of Afsha Rizvi, BSc

Afsha Rizvi, BSc

Project Coordinator

Afsha has a background in clinical trials, recruitment, and subject management in the pharmaceutical industry in addition to consumer relations experience with multinational corporations. She is pursuing her graduate studies in Health Informatics at The University of Toronto to focus on sustainable patient engagement strategies.

Image of Kristen Whiteford, BSc

Kristen Whiteford, BSc

Project Coordinator

After gaining administrative and clinical experience within primary care settings, Kristen brings a unique understanding of patient-centered care. She is pursuing her graduate degree at the University of Toronto, where she envisions a more innovative healthcare system through health informatics.

Image of Jordan D'Souza, H.BSc, MHI

Jordan D'Souza, H.BSc, MHI

Project Coordinator

As a project coordinator, Jordan helps reconcile technology, design and value within healthcare. With public service experience, he is passionate about engaging with end-users through experience-based co-design. Jordan is a Health Informatics graduate student at the University of Toronto with a keen interest in knowledge management and system analysis.

Image of Kenneth Yip, BASc

Kenneth Yip, BASc

Senior iOS Developer

Kenneth pairs a decade of experience in delivering scalable mobile projects for Fortune 500 companies with full-stack capabilities specializing in iOS, Android, and Web development.  His passion lies in entrepreneurship and delivering compelling, global solutions.

Image of Kent Chau, BCompSc

Kent Chau, BCompSc

Senior Development Lead

For the last eight years, Kent has built JavaScript web applications for a breadth of industries ranging from finance, marketing, transportation, and health. He is passionate about scalable & robust software architecture, user driven design, logistics management and process development.

Image of Tianwei Liu, BEng, MEng

Tianwei Liu, BEng, MEng

Front End Developer

Tianwei focuses on both web and mobile development as a front end developer. Before joining QoC Health, he worked in academic research groups on software development cooperating with researchers in multiple fields. Tianwei is enthusiastic about new technology in healthcare, mobile systems and devices.

Image of Brandon Flowers, BA

Brandon Flowers, BA

Senior Front End Developer

Brandon is a hybrid designer / developer and budding data scientist. He enjoys developing innovative interfaces that are data-driven, bring people together online to collaborate with each other and AI, fostering community.

Image of Osman Burak Hantal

Osman Burak Hantal

Mobile Developer

As a native mobile developer, Osman has previously developed projects for the entertainment and finance industries and is looking to apply that learning to healthcare. He enjoys learning and working with new technologies in mobile systems and improving end-user experience.

Image of Vincent Hung

Vincent Hung

Junior Front-End Developer

Vincent has knowledge of web development, human-computer Interaction, game architecture, and digital systems. Before joining QoC Health, he worked as a web developer for an organization creating webpages targeted at developing countries.

Image of Shirley Xiao

Shirley Xiao

Junior Designer / Developer

Being joining QoC Health as a Junior Designer / Developer, Shirley had an diverse academic background of covering areas such as web development functional programming, art history and human-computer interaction.

Image of Joonsuk Park

Joonsuk Park

SDK and API Developer

Joon has six years of full-stack experience delivering software products for the banking and health industries. He is passionate about coding, designing, data analysis, and building scalable, robust apps.

Image of Yves Matta

Yves Matta

Front-End Developer

As a Front-End Developer, Yves brings over two years of front-end development experience along with his passion to deliver scalable, robust, tested, and awesome apps. He is a strong self-learner and always looks for a simpler and more efficient way to implement a solution.

Image of Nignesh Patel

Nignesh Patel

iOS Developer

As an iOS developer, Nignesh brings his past experience in healthcare apps and cross-platform app develop to implement the best possible solution for each application. In doing so, he aims to deploy applications with higher performance and memory optimization.