Our healthcare system needs innovative tools

These tools need a process and the people who can make them work with the system, not against it.

From start to scale: the digital health journey

Wherever you are in the process, challenges arise and we know how to get you past them. Here is a look at how we can help.


Ideate and Design

What is our end goal? How will we build and fund the project?

Together, we can plan out your project roadmap. We have experience in best practices and avoiding common pitfalls to help you along the way. QoC Health can navigate the process of raising money and help you secure funding for your project through various grants for digital health.


Prototype and Validate

How quickly can we get this prototype ready for testing?

Development needs to be done quickly and iteratively, with security and interoperability in mind from the start. QoC Health can build out your prototype while supporting the research studies that will allow you to measure and analyze its success.


Scale and Commercialize

Can we roll this project out in different countries? Can it integrate with other technologies?

With a solid product in hand, our team will be laser-focused on a full rollout. The QoC Health platform ensures that your project can be adopted in markets with different languages, technologies, and legislation. Leave the updates, technical support, and compliance documentation to us.

Our company has helped health organizations tackle challenges at every stage of their digital health journeys.

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Connected care that is actually patient-centered

The term gets thrown around a lot, but it is so important to us and the future of healthcare. Involving patients throughout the process is something we take seriously.

Highlighted Project

A post-surgical monitoring application tested at Women’s College Hospital showed strong clinical outcomes and cost savings.

Women’s College Hospital was focused on reducing the total length of stay in their hospital while at the same time minimizing readmissions, increasing patient engagement in their own care, and increasing levels of satisfaction. The expedited discharge and at-home patient recovery left them with an absence of outcome data. This had become a barrier to quality improvement.

As such, Women’s College Hospital conducted a research study using a post-surgical monitoring application developed by QoC Health and achieved the following outcomes:


Emerging Complications Detected


Cost Savings


Patient Satisfaction


Reduction in Average Patient Travel