We co-design and develop your custom solutions

We leverage the QoC health platform/API to allow for an
efficient and effective process

The digital health roadmap

Wherever you find yourself in the process, we have a specialized platform and team to keep you moving through it.


and Design

We will work with you on setting objectives, scope, and outcomes, and partner with you to help you to build a strategy to achieve them. QoC Health can also connect you with funding and potential partners.


and Validate

Our team can quickly build an enterprise-grade prototype that is secure and compliant. QoC Health can also work with you through Experience-Based Co-Design and conduct research studies to measure and analyze your project.


Scale and/or Commercialize

Our team will support you through interoperability and integration challenges, as well as help you to navigate the business side of a digital health rollout.

The QoC health Platform

The QoC Health platform is designed to make it easy to create and scale healthcare applications for patient engagement. You can focus on designing and refining your tools instead of managing a technology build.

We build custom virtual-care solutions to meet your specific health care objectives.

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Your technical concerns are covered

By using the QoC Health platform, your digital health application will be fully compliant and secure. We focus on this so you can focus on your project's innovation.

Best-in-Class Security

Data security and privacy have been engineered from the ground up, adhering to HIPAA and PHIPA security standards. We can also meet unique security requirements such as military or education deployments.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our company has multiple data centres to help your innovation safely scale beyond local borders into Canada, the US, and the EU. We can also set up custom infrastructure for other regulatory zones.

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