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The QoC platform is a cloud-based digital spine to connect patients with circles of care and support. We deliver solutions to patients faster with less complexity at a lower cost for health care providers. Our focus is to drive benefits that improve care.

  • Shifting Care To The Community

    Supporting ambulatory care models, getting patients home faster, keeping patients out of hospital. The QoC platform connects patients to care providers and to supports in their communities. Promoting physical and emotional health throughout recovery at home and during transitions in care.
  • Preventing Readmissions

    Hospital re-admissions cost Canadians more than $1.8 billion annually. Proactive care and monitoring post discharge from hospital can reduce readmissions by up to 73%. Lowered feelings of stress, anxiety, and isolation, promoting physical and emotional well-being helps keep patients out of the emergency room.
  • Circles of Support

    Caregivers play an important role toward improved patient outcomes. Connecting family, friends and peers during the recovery process creates robust circles of support.
  • Improving Transitions in Care

    Care providers have improved information about patients transitioning between care settings. Care providers such as in home care workers can see trends in patient recovery, wound care, pain scales, physical and emotional indicators. Transitions in care will no longer be a blank slate.

The QoC CloudConnected Platform

Circles of Care

Care Providers

  • Patient Monitoring
  • Research/Clinical Trials
  • Compliance
  • HL7 Integrations


Connected Care

  • Acute and Chronic Monitoring
  • Wound Care
  • Post 30 Day Discharge
  • Decision Aids

Circles of Support

Caregivers, Family and Friends

  • Peer Support
  • Mental Health
  • Transitions in Care
  • Social Networks

Cloud Connect Healthcare Platform

Building Blocks

The Patient Engagement API

Privacy by Design
Privacy and Security

Potential Benefits of Connected Care

Potential Benefits of Connected Care

97% Patient Satisfaction

61 Million KM Travelled

QoC Care Applications

Ambulatory care

Shifting care to the community, supporting emerging ambulatory care models, faster discharge from hospital to get patients home more quickly. QoC applications offer proactive care and post discharge insights into complications and quality of recovery. Improved patient experience while maintaining connections with care providers and caregivers for better patient outcomes and reduced readmissions.

Post discharge

The 30 days at home following surgery has been identified as a major area of neglect in healthcare. Post discharge anxiety and complications lead to unscheduled visits to clinics, emergency rooms and re-admissions. The QoC platform allows care providers to stay connected with patients post discharge and provides hospitals with an effective way to measure quality of care, support quality improvement plans (QIP’s) and improve patient outcomes.

Chronic care

Managing chronic conditions made easy. Whether managing one condition or multiple comorbidities, QoC applications make it easy for patients and providers to see everything in one view. Understanding trends and insights across multiple conditions, easy information sharing, no more trying to cobble together data across a mountain of disjointed apps, the QoC platform brings it all together in one place.

Wound care

With QoC photostream technology providers, patients, and caregivers can now take photographs of wound sites and share these photos across their circle of care, providing the ability to visually and objectively compare trends in wound site recovery. Combined with the ability to measure drains, changes in discharge and color, and pain levels, care providers and in home service workers now have access to entirely new wound care insights between visits.

Patient education & decision aids

Proactively engaging with patients before, during and after. The QoC platform provides all of the tools care providers need to offer comprehensive educational materials, as well as decision aid tools to help patients navigate complex healthcare conditions.

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