Let's Take Your Digital Health Idea to the Next Level

Your Ideas Just Need the Right Tools and Team to Realize Their Full Potential.

Successful digital health applications require experts in healthcare, technology, and business. QoC Health provides you with the right platform and services at each stage of your project - from prototype to scale.

The Digital Health Roadmap

Whatever stage in the process you are at, we have a specialized platform and team to keep you moving through it.


Ideate and Design

We will work with you on setting objectives, outcomes, and help build a strategy to achieve them. QoC Health can also connect you with funding and potential partners.


Prototype and Validate

Our team can quickly build an enterprise-grade prototype that is secure and compliant. QoC Health can also work with you through Experience-Based Co-Design and conduct research studies to measure and analyze your project.


Scale and/or Commercialize

The QoC Health platform enables multi-language, multi-platform, and multi-jurisdiction rollout. Our team will also support you through interoperability and integration challenges, as well as navigating the business side of a digital health rollout.

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Proven Solutions for Connected Care

It is important to us and the healthcare community that digital health solutions are validated through clinical studies. These are some results we can help you realize through digital health.


Emerging Complications Detected


Cost Savings


Patient Satisfaction

170 km

Reduction in Average Patient Travel

We'll Tackle the Challenges Together.

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A Platform Built for Patient Engagement

No need to start from scratch. Our cloud-based platform was designed to build customized applications using pre-built modules. This speeds up development timelines, reduces costs, and results in enterprise-grade products.

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Our Solutions are Making Headlines

Collaborating with doctors, clinicians, and patients has allowed us and our projects to attract media attention.